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By Pasquale Giampaolo


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Tumminia wheat
It is a short cycle grain which, when processed with stone mills, produces a wholemeal flour rich in elements of wheat germ and bran, with a high protein value and a low gluten index. Suitable for both bread making and pasta making.
The high content of Lignin, a substance of natural origin, helps us maintain a healthy heart and strengthen our immune defenses

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Perciasacchi wheat
Perciasacchi (bag hole) or Farro Lungo is an ancient Sicilian durum wheat, its name derives from the pointed shape of the grain caryopsis that pierced the jute bags.
Perciasacchi wheat is an ancient variety of Sicilian wheat with a high nutritional value and a lot of energy. It has a very low gluten index and is therefore easily digestible. Perciasacchi wholemeal flour is a food with a high protein content. It is rich in mineral salts, fiber and vitamins. The use of Perciasacchi durum wheat flour of ancient Sicilian grains in the kitchen is recommended for many recipes, from homemade bread to focaccia.

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Wheat Senator hats
Senatore Cappelli durum wheat is an ancient variety of durum wheat grown mainly in Southern Italy. It is a plant up to one meter and eighty meters tall. Cappelli wheat is considered the father of durum wheat, defined in the 1930s as the "chosen breed", it is a rustic durum wheat that prefers poor, clayey soils.
It has excellent nutritional qualities and a high protein value.

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